Dr. Sexton’s Journey to Patient Safety

Dr. Bryan Sexton’s work with the Duke Center for Healthcare Safety and Quality has been highlighted in a series of articles in the Duke University Health System’s Leadership Café (Duke ID required).

In the first article, we are reminded of Duke’s commitment to the well-being of its workforce. Duke provides many resources to help enhance the resilience of its faculty and staff, including the Enhancing Caregiver Resilience course, taught at the Center by Dr. Sexton, and the upcoming well-being toolkit. The toolkit is being developed by several groups at Duke, including the Center, Healthy Duke, and the DUHS Patient Safety and Clinical Quality office.

The second article is leadership spotlight on Dr. Sexton, highlighting his journey from researching flight safety in Switzerland to becoming director of the Duke Center for Healthcare Safety and Quality. A leading expert on healthcare worker burnout and resilience, Dr. Sexton has been with the Center since 2009.