Safety & Quality

The Duke Quality System aims to guide Duke to zero harm across Duke Health through the following mechanisms:

  • Safety Event Reporting. Duke Health uses a state-of-the-art system called RL Datix to report safety concerns and incidents that impact our ability to provide safe, reliable care. The system helps our team members see patient safety events promptly, respond quickly, and proactively work towards zero harm to patients and team members. Info for Duke team members
  • Harms analytics and visual management. Our Center collaborates with DUHS Performance Services to collect and analyze data from multiple systems, identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Root cause analysis. Patient Safety Officers use a consistent approach to explore causes for all serious safety events. This consistent approach and analysis helps us prevent future serious safety events and work towards elimination of harm.
  • Culture of continuous improvement. Duke uses Lean Management System principles, behaviors, and tools. Specifically, leaders coach team members in how to see current problems, solve those problems, and share what they learned across Duke Health.


The Duke Chapter of the IHI Open School is a professional student-led organization focused on educating and developing leaders in healthcare quality improvement. Learn more about Duke IHI Open School.