Duke Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Workshop

This annual, interactive, three-day workshop provides clinical leaders and health professional educators with the tools to teach evidenced-based practice. Conducted in partnership with Duke Library Services and EBP experts from across the country, this conference aims to develop the next generation of leaders in the field.

We have witnessed a proliferation of inaccurate information about health and disease, an increase in concerns about validity and rigor of some scientific data, and concerns around ineffective and sometimes harmful authorized therapies. This workshop will:

  • Train health professionals to facilitate evidence-based clinical practice in their teaching and practice settings.
  • Practice the skills involved in evidence-based practice including clinical question formation and acquisition of biomedical evidence from the literature.
  • Review and develop critical appraisal skills and application of available evidence to patient care and health professions education.
  • Provide an interactive experience with a variety of evidence-based resources guided by librarians with expertise in evidence-based practice.

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