Team Training and TeamSTEPPS™

The Duke TeamSTEPPS™-based courses can help you improve your medical team’s safety, performance, and clinical outcomes. These interactive sessions bring to life the practical tools and strategies of leadership, teamwork, communication, situation monitoring, mutual support, and change management—all of which help enhance efficiency and reduce the potential for error.

Utilizing tools rooted in more than 30 years of research, Duke’s expert team trainers introduce and reinforce teachable and learnable skills that produce highly effective and adaptable medical teams. We offer courses for learners at all levels in health professions, from students to organizational leaders, seeking to master the knowledge and behaviors fundamental to team-based care delivery.

Duke is proud to be one of six regional training centers for the American Hospital Association’s Team Training curriculum.


TeamSTEPPS Master Trainer (in person)

Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety (TeamSTEPPS) is an evidence-based set of teamwork tools designed to optimize team function and improve patient safety. Our TeamSTEPPS Master Training course will teach participants all the TeamSTEPPS tools and principles – what they are, how to use them, and how to implement them. Participants will gain skills and resources for training and facilitating a TeamSTEPPS rollout to create meaningful and lasting culture change. This 2-day in-person course is led by an interprofessional faculty team with a “train-the-trainer” orientation utilizing games, scenarios and activities. This approach allows participants to experience and learn the TeamSTEPPS fundamental content, and provides established resources and skills to create training strategies and learning experiences. By the end of this course, all participants will be highly knowledgeable regarding TeamSTEPPS and the application of the tools and strategies they can use to improve the delivery of safe and efficient care within their unit, division or department. This course is taught by, and produces, Master Trainers.

Next Training: September 29-30, 2022 | Duke University | Durham, NC

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 TeamSTEPPS for Change Leaders and Champions (Webinars, open to all)

Designed for busy health care leaders, this national team training course combines weekly interactive workshops with flexible, self-paced learning over a 7-week period. This course especially emphasizes project-based learning and faculty coaching to guide participants through the development of an actionable plan specific to their own organization’s needs and opportunities.

Next cohort begins October 6, 2022. Register here.

TeamSTEPPS® Essentials (in person, open to Duke employees)

TeamSTEPPS Essentials is a 4-hour class designed for Duke Health clinical or administrative individuals or teams. It provide a high level overview of teamwork concepts and skills.

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