In 2008, the Duke Patient Safety Center was founded with the goal of enhancing the healthcare experience for patients, their families, and healthcare workers through quality improvement and addressing healthcare worker burnout. 

Over the years, the Center has grown: we’ve added a medical director, a number of expert trainers, and professional support around quality and safety. We’ve conducted ground-breaking research; led internal efforts to support safe and healthy workplacesfacilitated the establishment of patient and family advisory committees; and trained thousands of people across Duke (and around the globe!) on the principles of teamwork, caregiver resilience, and well-being 

In 2018, we became the Duke Center for Healthcare Safety and Quality to celebrate our expanded scope of work and dedication to all those who interact with Duke Health. 

The Duke Center for Healthcare Safety and Quality’s work is aimed at promoting a culture of safety, wellness, and wellbeing among our team members, patients, and community through multidisciplinary programming, including work, support, training, and/or research on: 

  • Well-Being 
  • Professionalism 
  • Communication 
  • Psychological Safety and Change Management 
  • Evidence-Based Practice 
  • Safety Leader Development 
  • Mortality  
  • Patient and Family Engagement 
  • System Safety Program
  • Support for RCA’s 
  • Harms visual data management 
  • Reputation analytics work 
  • Peer Support