Mistakes Happen. Let’s Learn From Them.

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We all make mistakes. Instead of being ashamed or hiding our errors, though, we should feel comfortable discussing the mistake and learning from it.

In a January 29, 2019 article in Duke Today, the Duke Annual Fund team provides a great example of how to turn miscues into a moment to pause and grow. Be on the lookout for some great insight from Dr. Jonathan Bae as well, who is co-convener of the Healthy Duke committee on Mental & Emotional Well-Being and Associate CMO of the Duke University Health System’s Patient Safety and Clinical Quality Office.

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Have you heard of the Voices of Duke Health podcast? Led by Anton Zuiker, Director of Communications for the Duke Department of Medicine, and Dr. Jonathan Bae, Associate CMO of Patient Safety and Clinical Quality, this podcast series helps listeners find hope and appreciate the real-life impact of the work we all do at Duke Health.

Each week, Voices of Duke Health uses its Listening Booth to highlight a human interest story and showcase the amazing people and work happening all around us. Meet a patient who is now a Duke Patient Safety Officer, or a doctor and cancer survivor who has used her experience and research to help others cope with distress.

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