Caring for Each Other (CEO)

We recognize that our team members are our most valuable resource, and we are committed to creating space to process events and provide support. Caring for Each Other is the umbrella program for Duke Health’s emotional support programs, including:

All programs provide supportive listening, validating/normalizing, information on self-care, and referrals.

Caring for Each Other Teams:

Duke University Hospital:
Program Manager: Dr. Michael E. Gross, DMin, MEd, BCC, LCMHCA
24/7 pager for group peer support and urgent peer support: 919-206-9785

Duke Raleigh Hospital
Program Manager: Lauren Johns, 919-307-0531

Duke Regional Hospital
Duke Homecare & Hospice
Duke Primary Care
Contact: Melissa Segal, LCSW, 919-668-6460