Bite-Sized Resources

Bite-Sized Resilience. Short (less than 5 minute) videos taught by Dr. Bryan Sexton. Topics include Gratitude and Coping with Stress.

Resilience Tools. Enroll in interventions that last 3-15 days. These tools are evidence-based, interactive, and specifically designed for busy healthcare workers.

Meditations led by Dr. Carrie Adair, who guides listeners in these podcasts.

Happiness Strategies. In this 2-page document, learn simple ways to enhance positivity and bring joy into your day.

Well-Being Resources for Hospital Workers. Pocket skills, wellness guides, and digital resources.

Coping Card. Quick tips to reduce stress and feel better in the moment.

Team Training Videos. Focusing on one specific team training concept at a time, this series will introduce you to the fundamentals of effective cross-disciplinary collaboration.