Well-Being Featured in Greater Good Science Magazine & The Joint Commission


This week, HSQ was featured in two articles from The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley and The Joint Commission.

Dr. Carrie Adair was quoted in Greater Good Science Magazine’s article Can Practicing Gratitude Boost Nurses’ Resilience?, highlighting the importance of gratitude through well-being tools such as writing a gratitude letter or three good things. Adair’s 2019 study with Dr. Bryan Sexton (Duke) and Dr. Lindsay Kennedy (Hendrix College) found that using these tools provided promising interventions in healthcare worker burnout. Read Three Good Tools: Positively reflecting backwards and forwards is associated with robust improvements in well-being across three distinct interventions. To enroll in a tool, visit our Well-being Tools page.

On Wednesday, The Joint Commission highlighted in their blog Dr. Sexton and Dr. Adair’s publication Perceptions of Institutional Support for “Second Victims” Are Associated with Safety Culture and Workforce Well-Being. Their research reminds us that second victim support is an unmet need, but when we offer that support, second victims report an improved well-being.